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Merge Design

It was great to get the chance to shoot this beautiful sculpture “Whoa Nelly” by Casey Cook being re­created at Merge Design with 2500 lbs. of concrete. This piece was commissioned by a private collector for his home in the Hamptons.

I met the owner of Merge Design, Pete Bustin while I was shooting African antiques at another gig next door to his place. Pete was always busy making tons of concrete products, and I found out later Pete played in the band Mortrendus….but that’s a whole other Article!

How I Photographed This:

This story however, is about lighting this amazing studio where this stuff is being made. I lit it with two monolights probably the White Lightening 3200 and 1500. Just the reflectors, blasting out the scene…going for some drama…picking up the texture of the materials, while trying to get an element of wonder into it…without getting all dreamy.  Sneaking the wonder of art in around the edges…trying to speak about the story.  It’s great to have interpreting a big space on the ticket, the more cinematic the better. My light stands were on wheels and I powered the strobes with battery packs. This way I can make really fast changes, and try not to lose an opportunity.


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Simple philosophy : Collaborate ­ Create ­ Concrete

Merge Design develops and manufactures award­-winning, sustainable concrete materials and products for the modern lifestyle.

Raleigh North Carolina seems an unlikely place for concrete to become a sensuous, artful, modern material used in homes and businesses as cladding, surfaces, fixtures and furniture. Yet it boasts Merge Design, the first name in luxe concrete materials.

Originally formed as meldUSA, Merge Design has a 18+ year pedigree in developing and manufacturing award ­winning, sustainable concrete materials and products the redefine concrete in the modern lifestyle.

Merge Design’s award ­winning and internationally acclaimed materials ­ extremeconcrete(r) , eco­X(tm), micro(tm) and Xposed(tm) adorn prestigious businesses and luxuriant homes across the nation and internationally.

Peter Bustin, founder of meldUSA, shepherded the company and its material library through an acquisition by Landscape Forms, the industry leader in integrated collections of high ­design site furniture and advanced LED lighting. After materials knowledge acquisition and manufacturing process transfer,
Landscape Forms relocated its concrete business to its Michigan headquarters, allowing Peter to continue building his dream ­and the dreams of others who want to create and captivate using alluring concrete materials. By collaborating with visionary architects, designers and clients to create high impact concrete essentials, Peter has placed Merge Design at the intersection of materials and modern style in living environments. www.mergedesign.com.

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